It was a cold night in Burton, (but aren't they all). W Bros Mike Santopietro and Chris Priestley sat at the festive board and recounted a conversation they had started around eight months earlier; just who, from the world of Science Fiction, would be the ideal postholders for each of the Lodge roles.

That conversation was overheard by a number of brethren sitting in close proximity, and so the debate over the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy developed further. It transpired that a number of the attendees were passionate about the genre. So was born the idea of creating a new Lodge dedicated to the principles of Masonic tradition, and certainly wanting to be a 'working' Lodge, but one where the members had a common interest in all things 'Science Fiction and Fantasy'.

It has been a long time since that very first discussion. The forming of an idea, pitching the idea to the Provincial Executive, and garnering some momentum regarding membership. Some of those originally interested have had to pull out for various reasons, but there was always a strong interest and so, these potential members were replaced with others. We even received interest from Masons living in other countries Nigeria, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, to name but a few.

Many meetings later with these potential members led to a firm idea of how we would operate and the 'nods' to the genres that we would include as part of our 'traditions'. We would be serious in the Lodge room, although we would use equipment which pandered to our common interest; however, the real fun would be at the festive board, on the basis that our uniqueness would be the reason visitors would want to join us. We hope this will prove to be correct!

The Primus Master, W Bro Chris Priestley, discussed the possibility of his own Lodge, Andresey No. 6408, becoming our sponsoring Lodge. They agreed, and we are delighted to be able to call Andresey our Mother Lodge.

The petition to create the Lodge was sent in on 28th August 2021 and was approved on 10th November 2021, as outlined in the summons for the UGLE Quarterly Communications Meeting of 9th March 2022. Much work was done by everyone but particular thanks for going above and beyond must go to W Bros Chris Priestley, Matt Gibbons, David Leask, Peter Nacson, and Mike Santopietro, who have been at the forefront of the administration leading to the Lodge we have today.

First Officers of the Lodge

Worshipful Master
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Acting Immediate Past Master
Director of Ceremonies
Charity Steward
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant Director of Ceremonies
Assistant Secretary
Inner Guard

W Bro CD Priestley ProvAGSec, PPrJGW
W Bro IM Barnett PPrSGD
     Bro JG Randle
W Bro SP Casbolt PPrGStdB (Shrops)
W Bro JL Waggott
     Bro TP Nacson
W Bro D Leask PPrSGD (Warks)
W Bro M Santopietro PSGD, AssistPGM
W Bro A Gill
W Bro JC Moss
W Bro T Stevens-Lewing
W Bro N Barker
     Bro A Scalise
W Bro JEA Plowman PPrJGD (Dorset)
W Bro M Gibbons PAGDC, PPrJGW
     Bro CJ Swain
W Bro JR Hayes PAGDC, PPrSGW (Bristol)
W Bro F Pearson
     Bro MP Brady
W Bro MG Harrison
W Bro AJ Harwood
W Bro JH Tepper PPrAGSuptWks (Herts)

Founders of the Lodge, not in office

     Bro AL Davy
W Bro J Mills PPrJGW (Warks), PPrAGSec (N Wales)
W Bro S Townsend PPrAGSec
W Bro JE Downer
W Bro KJ Parkes PAGDC, PPrJGW (Worcs)
W Bro JF Davis PPrJGD (Warks)
     Bro MPH Bird
     Bro JC Dillon
     Bro CA Pantling


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge No. 10016
Ashfield House, 218 Ashby Road, Burton-on-Trent. DE15 0LA